Healthcare at a higher level

EliteHealth redefines the concept of concierge healthcare. Reach beyond high quality care to experience a world of personalized service and technological innovation, all within your reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Elite team is just a phone call away no matter where your travels take you.

Experience The Best in Concierge Medicine

Healthcare has changed.

EliteHealth has revolutionized the concept of traditional concierge medicine.

Healthcare simply isn’t what it used to be. Most primary care physicians will see an average of 30 to 50 individuals a day, with scarcely more than 15 minutes to devote to each patient. When quantity supercedes quality, medical care inherently suffers. Each Elite physician maintains a small group of patients, allowing our doctors to devote more time to addressing all of your medical issues.

Patient to Physician Ratio

Less is more.

At EliteHealth, we are reclaiming and renewing the concept of quality healthcare. Our physicians maintain an unprecedently low patient to physician ratio (100 patients / 1 physician), so that you will always enjoy a uniquely personalized and positive medical experience.

What is the value of concierge medicine?

Concierge Healthcare membership isn’t just an investment in your physical health – it’s an investment in your peace of mind. With 24/7 personal access to your physician and a healthcare advocate devoted entirely to your assistance, you will never have to worry about life’s unplanned events… at least when it comes to your health.

  • 24/7 digital doctor access
  • Urgent care, no waiting
  • Priority appointments
  • Healthcare advocate
  • Follow-up office visits
  • Priority medical referrals
Explore the Benefits a nutshell, Elite’s response to my disaster was fast, competent and ultimately life-saving. This doesn’t even cover the additional visits that Dr. Schnur did during the course of my extensive stay in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ali I EliteHealth Concierge Healthcare Patient

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24/7 cell phone access to your doctor

Enjoy exclusive access to your doctor through personal cell phone and email service. Communication with your physician is at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Urgent care when you need it most

EliteHealth concierge members enjoy a stress-free, no-waiting experience. In emergency situations, your doctor is available to visit you at your home. If you need to go to the Emergency Room, your EliteHealth physician can meet you there to expedite your care.


VIP waiting room

Concierge patients enjoy the luxuries of an exclusive private waiting room with deluxe amenities. Need to see the doctor now? Unlike other practices, you will never face a long wait to see your physician. Priority appointments are available through your personal Healthcare Advocate.


Healthcare Advocate

Your personal Healthcare Advocate is always available to help you navigate the complexities of managing your wellness. From booking appointments to coordinating procedures, your Healthcare Advocate is always available to handle the details, so you don’t have to.


In-network worldwide coverage

Even when you are away from home, Elite Concierge Members are never far from high quality medical care. Whether you are on vacation with your family, or away on a business trip, Elite’s extensive network of world class physicians always has you covered.


The Elite 360 Difference

What makes us different than other concierge programs

What sets EliteHealth apart is our belief and emphasis on prevention, by strongly focusing on nutrition, fitness, wellness, and stress management. We look at your health from all 360 degrees and offer the wellness advice and life coaching that will truly make a difference in your well being and overall quality of life. Our personalized, VIP attention includes priority appointments, expedited Emergency Room care, and even home visits.

Healthcare advocate

Your personal Healthcare Advocate will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth experience. From scheduling, finding specialists, and coordinating with other providers – your advocate takes care of all the details - so you don’t have to.

Network of physicians around the world

We provide you with worldwide coverage of our resourceful, always up-to-date, growing network of personal doctors and professionals seeking to provide you with the highest level medical care.

Home visits by your doctor

In case of an emergency, your physician is available 24/7 to visit you at your home. We are proud to offer a personalized, in-home experience without the hassle of the emergency room.

Diagnostics and lab work at your home

Home visits by your doctor aren’t limited to a simple consultation – our physicians come armed with the right team and tools to take care of you, including lab work and diagnostics right from the comfort of your own home.

Expedited ER care

In the event of a serious emergency where you find yourself having to go to the Emergency Room, your physician is available to meet you there and expedite the entire process for you.

Focus on Wellness

Wellness is the continuously active process of maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. Elite physicians focus on wellness as the cornerstone of your health during every examination.

Stress Management and Life Coaching

Stress affects everyone differently, depending on your personality, background, and environment. We offer a wide array of services and life coaching, in which we analyze your stress levels and how they affect your body and your health. We focus on the actions needed to achieve positive changes in your life and reduce or eliminate stressful factors.

Nutrition and Fitness-Focused Wellness

We offer fitness and nutrition programs combining metabolic and genetic data to create a wellness system designed to work with your unique physiology. Our aim is to improve your health and boost longevity, in a radical package created to completely reshape the foundation of your health. Each Elite visit includes a complimentary consultation with one of our nutrition and fitness specialists.

Personal and intimate Healthcare Advocate

You will be provided with a Healthcare Advocate who will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth experience. Your advocate will take control of scheduling, finding specialists, and coordinating insurance information with other providers. In addition you will have assistance with finding the best doctors and healthcare institutions if you are out of town.

Industry Leading Physicians

Every physician is Board-Certified and has been carefully selected to represent EliteHealth. In addition EliteHealth has a wide variety of specialist in all avenues of medicine and wellness. By providing the highest quality care to our patients, rest assured that you are in the best hands possible.

International Care

EliteHealth members who are traveling or are away from their primary care physician for an extended period of time receive concierge-style healthcare services from the EliteHealth in-network physician team. Members have immediate access to qualified medical care from the comfort and the privacy of their hotel room, temporary residency, or home.

Diagnostics and labwork at your home

EliteHealth delivers industry leading care to your front door. When your in need, Elite will send a physical and a lab technician to your home or hotel to assess, diagnose, and help you get back on your feet.

One-stop-shop Annual
Executive Physical Exam

Go beyond the ordinary physical to experience the Elite difference. The Annual Executive Exam leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your health. This comprehensive series of tests and screenings is tailored specifically to your individual needs. Regardless of what your medical history may include, Elite has you covered.

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Red Carpet Treatment

Limited wait time, customized care, priority physician appointments and diagnostic scheduling - what more can you ask for? EliteHealth is ready to roll out the red carpet and provide you with everything you're looking for and much more. We welcome you to experience the finest care that Concierge Medicine has to offer. Our luxurious red carpet treatment is just the beginning.

Concierge medicine at it's finest, including a wide range of preventative and diagnostic testing - all under one roof.

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EliteHealth Real Success Stories

See how the EliteHealth difference has helped our patients. a nutshell, Elite’s response to my disaster was fast, competent and ultimately life-saving. This doesn’t even cover the additional visits that Dr. Freiman and Dr. Schnur did during the course of my extensive stay in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ali I EliteHealth Concierge Healthcare Patient

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Running a multi-million dollar merchant processing company has consumed much of my time with little to spare. There's not much time to visit doctors or sit in a waiting room for extended periods of time. With EliteHealth they cater to me and my needs. Being a Concierge Member has helped me tremendously. I never wait to see a doctor, and the VIP waiting room is a fully functional business suite.

Phil EliteHealth Concierge Healthcare Patient

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