97%  of members renewed their membership this year.

I came to Elite Health for my Executive Annual Physical routine and within an hour, I was faced with the news that my CT scan showed blockages in 2 of my 3 main arteries. Thanks to the thoroughness, the professionalism, and the high-level care of the EliteHealth team, my blockages were removed on time and I was able to enjoy my daughter's wedding that same week.

Pedro Kohn
Miami, FL

I've been a concierge member at EliteHealth since 2008. The membership has proven to be invaluable as it doesn't just provide me with greater convenience but they're there to drop everything when I need them most.

Miami, FL

I had been to 4 different doctors before I had discovered Elite Health. Nobody could detect the cause of my severe chest pain. My Elite Health doctor conducted a series of tests, and right away noticed an irregularity in my lungs. I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung caused by a potentially fatal and rare lung disease called LAM.Only 1500 people in the world had been diagnosed with that disease. I am beyond grateful to EliteHealth for providing me with the knowledge that I needed in order to treat my LAM, and lead a full and healthy life.

R. Friedman
New York, NY

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Concierge Membership

The leaders in concierge healthcare.

EliteHealth MD® redefines the concept of concierge healthcare. With direct access to both a Health Care Advocate and to your personal concierge doctor, you'll experience an unparalleled level of healthcare.

By selecting concierge medicine membership from EliteHealth MD®, you're choosing to take control of your healthcare - and to provide yourself with the best resources, most up-to-date medical treatments and service, and to connect yourself with a growing network of personal doctors and professionals seeking to provide you with concierge medical treatment.

What does my membership include?

As a concierge member, you will receive the following: (Click any of the below links to learn more)

Your Personal Health Care Advocate

You will be provided with a Health Care Advocate who will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth MD® experience, from transportation and accommodations to medical evacuation when you experience a healthcare emergency while traveling out of town. Allow your Health Care Advocate to assist you with finding the best doctors, hospitals and other health care institutions throughout USA, Canada and other countries; scheduling tests and appointments; finding a specialist; finding health care information; and navigating the health care system as well as your insurance plan.

An EliteHealth MD® Annual Physical Examination with one follow-up consultation

Each year you will receive an annual physical exam, also known as an "Executive Physical". This exams consist of suite of comprehensive test that are tailored to your medical needs. EliteHealth's annual physical exam includes a thorough medical history and physical exam and whatever diagnostic testing may be necessary. More info

Nutrition and lifestyle consultation

Our Elite|Fit Forever plan is a genetically based personalized nutrition and fitness program. EliteHealth MD® has a team of health coaches, registered and licenses dieticians, exercise physiologists on staff, who will evaluate your current diet and create a new plan for you. Each year you'll be entitled to one FREE office consultation with one of our health coaches and discounted econsultation rates for ongoing questions.

Access to EliteHealth MD® Travel Care and Emergency Medical Evacuation

Elite Health members who are traveling or are away from their primary care physician for an extended period of time receive concierge-style healthcare services from the EliteHealth physician team. Members have immediate access to qualified medical care from the comfort and the privacy of their hotel room, temporary residency, or home. Medical evacuation service is optional. More Info

Subscription to the Online Patient Portal and 24/7 Medical Records Access

Elite|Fit Forever is a feature rich system that enables members to access their medical records, request medication prescription refills, make appointments, purchase products, and much more. Members can also call a toll-free hotline for direct access to a medical records concierge to assist you in the event of an emergency or if you don't have computer access. More info

Same or next day preferred appointments at any of EliteHealth's nationwide locations

As a Concierge member you will gain access to our nationwide network of concierge physicians and opportunity to secure priority appointments. Simply call our toll-free number to book your appointment.

Coverage for the whole family

EliteHealth MD® is one of the only nationwide concierge health groups that offer care for the whole family. Offering pediatric and geriatric care so that you and your loved ones can all benefit from the same world-class healthcare.

Cell phone access to your physician

You will be provided with direct access to your personal doctor via cell phone and email. In urgent care situations your doctor will come to your home to treat you or meet you at the Emergency Room to expedite your care. Additional visit and call fees apply.

One stop integrated care with no waiting

At EliteHealth MD®, not only do we eliminate the waiting room, but we also strive to provide our members with streamlined care so you'll experience less waiting between diagnostic testing and treatment. More info

All these features for one affordable price. Contact us for pricing and more details.

The EliteHealth MD® Patient Experience

EliteHealth offers a patient experience like none other. Our care goes way beyond priority appointments and preventive care: when an EliteHealth patient is faced with a medical emergency, our team rushes to action to provide immediate emergency care no matter what.

EliteHealth patient Ali Ingesol was diving in the Bahamas when she broke the C6 vertebra of her neck, instantly paralyzing her from the chest down. EliteHealth's rapid response and compassionate care saved her life. Read Ali's patient experience story here.

Why EliteHealth MD®?

At your first visit with EliteHealth, you will meet with world-renowned concierge personal doctors well-informed by the latest innovations in medicine. Our careful physician selection process and low patient-to-physician ratio (100 / 1) will provide you with a uniquely positive healthcare experience. The majority of our offices offer on-site diagnostic and laboratory testing that streamline your appointments. Our physicians are always learning about the latest innovations in healthcare and preventive medicine which enables us to detect various illnesses at their earliest stage. You deserve to have the highest confidence in your healthcare providers, and that is only one reason why you should choose EliteHealth.

See why patients across the country are changing the way they see healthcare. Speak with an EliteHealth MD® representative today and take control of your health.


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