Concierge Medicine

Unparalleled Concierge Healthcare

Concierge Medicine is amongst the fastest growing medical trends in the country - and with good reason. More and more people are choosing to take control of their healthcare with VIP medical services like EliteHealth.

EliteHealth redefines the concept of concierge healthcare. Our services include 24/7 physician care combined with extended visits, customized health plans, and more comprehensive services. As a member, you will be assigned a patient care Health Care Advocate who will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth experience - including transportation and accommodation if you are coming from out of town to medical evacuation if you experience a health emergency while traveling. Concierge medicine at EliteHealth is a healthcare service that is available to all people and is extremely affordable. As a concierge member, you will receive the following:

In 2005, there were 500 doctors practicing what is referred to as concierge medicine. Now there are over 5,000, according to the Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design, a professional society of concierge physicians. As the state of the national economy has slipped in past years, quality healthcare has become increasingly harder to acquire.

Why EliteHealth?

At your first EliteHealth visit, you will meet with world-renowned physicians in a relaxed office environment. Our stringent physician selection process, and low patient to physician ratio (500 patients / 1 physician) will provide you with a uniquely positive healthcare experience.

The majority of our offices offer on-site diagnostic and laboratory testing which will save you time. Our physicians are always learning about the latest innovations in preventive healthcare that enable us to detect diseases at their earliest stage. You deserve to have the highest confidence in your healthcare providers, and that is only one reason why you should choose EliteHealth.

Your EliteHealth Health Care Advocate

As an EliteHealth member, your membership includes the services of a personal Health Care Advocate – someone who will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth experience.  Your Health Care Advocate will assist you with

  • Finding the best personal doctors, hospitals, and other health care institutions throughout USA, Canada and other countries
  • Arranging and scheduling routine appointments
  • Scheduling tests, treatments, health screenings, and appointments with specialists
  • Navigating within your plan carrier to help obtain approval for medical services, as well as coordinating your health recommendations between multiple providers
  • Help you access AirMed International, a service used by thousands of business and leisure travelers if they become ill or hospitalized more than 150 miles from home
  • Obtaining unbiased health information to help you make an informed decision

Additionally, EliteHealth offers Corporate Health and Executive Health solutions for companies looking to provide more for their valued employees. Our Benefits Research Department is available to assist you with questions regarding claims and reimbursement. Our team of specialists will work with the various administrative departments to achieve the best conclusion related to your claim.


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