Redefining the World of Corporate Wellness

EliteHealth knows that building a successful, productive company starts with a great team. That’s why we are committed to helping you keep your team in top shape, with high quality corporate healthcare at rates you would never expect. Our unique focus on preventative care ensures your employees will always be ready to give 100%, while simultaneously minimizing long term healthcare costs.

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Healthy People = Better Business

It’s no secret that healthier people work harder and smarter - not to mention happier. Here at Elite, our radical approach to medicine emphasizes prevention and maintenance over damage control and repair. We are perfectly positioned to assist your employees in assessing and maintaining an optimized level of perfect health. The key to outstanding personal health is a solid, foundational lifestyle. Elite’s team of wellness experts and medical professionals are here to provide your company with the tools to build their best foundation ever.

The Bottom Line
on Corporate Wellness

The Elite advantage isn’t just about our comprehensive corporate wellness programs and services. Take a look at the hard facts. The health of your employees directly affects the health of your buisness.


Average annual increase in health care costs


Average employer’s extra cost per smoker each year

Every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity, and decreased overall health costs.
- Corporate Wellness Magazine

EliteHealth is rated among the nation's
Top 10 Programs for Executive Health

Worth Magazine,

We believe in care for every member of your company.

With an EliteHealth Corporate Wellness Plan for your company, your entire staff will enjoy the highest quality of health care. From entry level employees to the Board of Directors, your employees will appreciate several amenities. For example, Elite’s Online Patient Portal service gives patients immediate access to their medical records, lab results, and scheduled doctor’s visits. Thanks to wellness offerings such as Elite’s signature FitForever program, employees can stay healthy and productive all year long - and that translates into positive results for you.

Personal Healthcare Advocate

EliteHealth provides executive wellness members with a Healthcare Advocate who will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth experience, from transportation and accommodations to medical evacuation when you experience a healthcare emergency while traveling out of town.

  • Scheduling of tests and appointments
  • Compiling your results
  • Your navigator for the healthcare industry
  • Prioritizing your needs during your exam
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Executive Physical Exam

Unlike any other conventional physical, the EliteHealth Executive Physical is an in-depth, comprehensive exam designed to be conducted over the span of a few hours within a single day - with results available while you wait in Elite’s premiere facilities. The Executive Physical covers an expansive range of tests and screenings, tailored to your specific medical history and demographics. This ensures that every aspect of your health is reviewed and analyzed for optimum performance. All of this in only a few hours - perfect for the busy professional.

What is included in the EliteHealth Executive Physical?

The physical exam includes a selection of tests and health screenings based on your medical history and the doctor's recommendations.

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Revolutionary nutrition program

Elite’s FitForever program is a groundbreaking medical wellness plan that combines gene decoding analysis and metabolic testing to create a nutrition and wellness plan tailored to each of your employee’s unique physiologies. EliteFitForever isn’t a conventional weightloss or fitness program - it’s a comprehensive health and wellness program designed to fit only you. Elite’s Corporate Wellness Program offers you and your employees full access to the program - something you won't find at any other medical practice, anywhere.

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Wellness Coaching and Stress Management

An EliteHealth Corporate Wellness Program goes beyond the basics of a conventional primary care practice, to offer complete and total wellness services. This includes fitness, nutritional, and behavioral healthcare sessions to help your employees deal with personal issues. Employes will learn how to manage stress, quit smoking, find an individual nutritional plan that is right for them, and generally improve overall health. A healthy team simply performs better.

Nutrition and Fitness

Power your body for the best possible performance with a little help from Elite’s team of experts.

Stress and Time Management

Get more out of life by reducing stress and making the most of every minute - Elite’s lifestyle coaching experts are here to help you feel your best both inside and out.

Smoking Cessation

$5,606 is the extra cost employer’s incur per smoker each year. Give your employees the tools to stop smoking and improve their health as well as the health of your company.

Our patients are raving about us.And it shows through our 97% renewal rate

The care I have received from the nurses, physicians, and the entire staff of EliteHealth has been outstanding. Their kindness, compassion and cheerfulness have given me new hope in dealing with my disease. They should all be commended for their dedication, commitment, and professionalism.

Adam P. Miami Beach, FL

I couldn't be happier with the service I have received at EliteHealth. It has truly been a life-changing experience. The treatment I received far exceeded my expectations. Everyone involved in my care showed concern and really put me back on my feet. I am very grateful to the entire staff and have recommended them to everyone I know. EliteHealth is the only place to go.

Patrick C. New York, NY

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