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I started with Elite Fit Forever almost 2 years ago and it has changed my life. I have lost over 50 pounds, but more importantly, I have become healthy. Once I hit my 40's I felt my body deteriorating. Bill and his team have actually reversed the clock of my body and I feel better than I did 10 years ago. My wardrobe has gone through two full changes as I have lost almost 8 inches on my waist. I could not thank the Elite|Fit Forever team enough for so changing how I live and how I want to live. I now understand how to eat, what to eat and why I feel better when I eat right. The education given to me helps to reach the goals we have set and makes the everyday choices seem easier. Thank you again.

J. Kurzban
Miami, FL

Elite|Fit Forever

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Elite|Fit Forever Program

Elite|Fit Forever is a genetically engineered weight loss and wellness program that uses gene decoding analysis in combination with Metabolic testing to unlock your physiology. Through the analysis of your unique gene structure and an accurate picture of your metabolism, Elite|Fit Forever is capable of creating a complete health, fitness and wellness program that only fits you. It is the most customized program you will ever come across.

Elite|Fit Forever is designed to improve the health and longevity of its patients by creating a gene-based nutrition, exercise, supplement and aesthetics program to improve their health from the core.

This medical wellness program is where gene decoding science and wellness medicine work hand in hand to create a total personalized plan that will help prevent and even reverse illness.

Elite|Fit Forever's approach to an individual's health is based on finding the source of the "problem" rather than just treating the symptoms. Once the source of a condition is recognized it is much easier to create positive and permanent change in a more effective way.

Prevention and Screening

Elite|Fit Forever sees thousands of patients every month. In every case, each health complaint or condition is analyzed, taking into consideration every aspect of the patient's medical history, lifestyle, daily routine and habits and many other factors that make up the individual's daily life. Through a thorough "screening" process Elite|Fit Forever takes a close look at certain key markers.

Elite|Fit Forever's "screening " consists of:

  • Blood Test (Wellness Panel)
  • ALCAT (Food and Airborne Allergies Screening)
  • Fit Forever Metabolic Test (BMT)
  • ELG Biomarkers (Body Composition Assessment)
  • Gene SNP (Genetic Pre-disposition Analysis)

With these screening methods Elite|Fit Forever can zero in on the source of any health problem a patient may have as well as create a precise, scientific and personalized plan for the patient based on their goals. Whether the goal is to just feel better or lose weight quickly, Elite|Fit Forever designs each person's program based on each person's physiology and goals.

Quick Weight Loss

Elite|Fit Forever offers a unique, three-phase, medically supervised program that consists of individual consultation, prescription appetite suppressant, injections, supplements, dietary changes and moderate exercise, along with guidance and support throughout the phases.

These three stages are the rapid weight loss stage, transitional stage and maintenance stage. This level of guidance and support is not found in any other quick weight loss program anywhere.

Our quick weight loss program also includes a, "medical-quick weight loss program" for those who wish to lose weight even faster. The "medical-weight loss program" is also recommended for those needing to lose over 100 pounds.

Stress Response Diet

The Stress Response Diet (SR Diet), as its name suggests, is a nutritional plan that focuses on controlling the effects of stress in the body. Stress affects hormone levels and this plays an important role in the body's ability to use body fat for energy. The SR Diet is a more natural and organic plan for quick weight loss, which only uses natural supplements to help the body's metabolism to increase.

Elite|Fit Forever Complete Wellness

Elite|Fit Forever also offers this signature plan to help you lose weight while improving your overall health and longevity. This program is individually tailored to your physiology, lifestyle and goals and it is constantly modified to fit the changes in your life.

It uses a unique set of services and testing methods you will only find in Elite - Fit Forever.

  • Lifestyle consult with Elite|Fit Forever Program Director
  • Blood test (Wellness Panel)
  • Fit Forever Metabolic Test (BMT)
  • Nutrition, excercise, supplement and aesthetic plan based on your test results

Elite|Fit Forever Complete Wellness is a personalized program that will not only help your health and fitness goals but also most likely avoid illness and improve your longevity.

Medical Nutrition

Elite|Fit Forever has registered dietitians who are specially trained in creating personalized medical nutrition plans for high risk and special populations. Anyone with any type of autoimmune condition, allergies, renal conditions and other delicate conditions must always follow a nutritional regimen under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Elite|Fit Forever dietitians are unique because they incorporate, within your Elite|Fit Forever Wellness Program, details to help you improve your health and longevity while making sure your diet is right for your condition.

Elite|Fit Forever medical nutrition uses the same test protocol as the Elite|Fit Forever Complete Wellness evaluation and a consultation with a dietitian to create your personalized nutrition, supplement and exercise program for you.

Elite|Fit Forever Aesthetics

Elite|Fit Forever is such an innovative medical wellness program that it has included an aesthetics department that offers its patients a menu of skin care services while tying the nutrition and supplement together with the aesthetic treatments.

Elite|Fit Forever aesthetics knows that better skin can only be achieved from the inside out therefore the nutrition and supplements you take must match the skin care treatments you do.

You can erase the signs of aging and sun exposure much faster and efficiently by combining your Elite|Fit Forever complete wellness plan with your ideal aesthetics program.

Our experts will guide you every step of the way to create your personalized program for all aspects of your health.

For your free initial consult with an Elite|Fit Forever Program Director call us at: 786-245-2008


Last Updated: June 15, 2012

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