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I had been to 4 different doctors before I had discovered Elite Health. Nobody could detect the cause of my severe chest pain. My Elite Health doctor conducted a series of tests, and right away noticed an irregularity in my lungs. I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung caused by a potentially fatal and rare lung disease called LAM.Only 1500 people in the world had been diagnosed with that disease. I am beyond grateful to EliteHealth for providing me with the knowledge that I needed in order to treat my LAM, and lead a full and healthy life.

R. Friedman
New York, NY

Get the Coverage You Need and More

EliteHealth is a proud provider of the Humana Medicare Advantage plan. A plan that offers all the benefits of Original Medicare and more.

EliteHealth believes that things get better with age. You've worked hard all of your life, and now it is time to receive the quality healthcare you deserve and, here, at EliteHealth we will help you reach your personal health goals and give you medical attention that is second to none.

More so, EliteHealth is now a provider for the Humana Gold Plus (HMO) Medicare Advantage Plan and is extending its highly-praised services to seniors who need it and deserve it. While it is known that adults over age 65 qualify for health coverage under the Medicare program, many of them are still left with holes in their coverage.

With more than 50 years of experience and more than 400,000 members, Humana Medicare is one of the most comprehensive and affordable ways for Americans over 65 to supplement their Medicare benefits and ensure that they have access to procedures and treatments worldwide. EliteHealth is more than proud to be an in-network provider as a part of the Humana Gold Plus HMO Medicare Advantage plan and we want to show you what our staff can do for your health needs today!

Improve Your Care and Access with Humana Gold Plus HMO

With a Humana Gold Plus HMO plan, you'll have better access to additional treatments, procedures, prescription medications, and coverage out of the United States. Our doctors know the importance of watching your grandchildren grow, which is why they provide preventive care through diagnostic testing, screenings, and diabetic/nutritionist guidance, all under the same roof. EliteHealth isn't just a health provider, we are an all-in-one health service that will cover all your medical needs.

As a member of a Humana Gold Plus HMO, you'll be able to choose your own physician from a network of 62,000 doctors and more than 200 hospitals. Humana Gold Plus HMO clients will also enjoy:

  • Affordable co-payments. This includes routine annual physicals, annual screenings, and unexpected visits.
  • Low monthly premiums. Gold Plus HMO makes out-of-pocket healthcare costs more predictable.
  • Free choice of physicians. Any physician in-network is available to you.
  • Prescription drug coverage. Your coverage will be equivalent to or better than the standard prescription overage requirements for a Medicare Part D plan.

Members will also have access to additional services that include:

  • Bio-Fit Program - A genetically tailored weight loss and wellness program
  • Age-In Program
  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultations
  • Transportation Service
  • Around-the-clock medical records access
  • One-stop integrated care without waiting time

Members will also have access to round-the-clock health guidance by calling our toll-free HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line. Through this 24-hour service, members can find out about various medical conditions or talk with our staff nurses about any sudden health concerns they may have. For example, if you've injured yourself and don't know what to do, our nurses can help you decide if you can treat yourself at home or if you need the attention of a medical professional.

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Why Choose EliteHealth?

We will help you meet your personal health goals so you can live a happier, more satisfying life. As an EliteHealth member, you will be assigned a personal care-coordinator to help you manage your own care and navigate the complicated healthcare system.

Your care-coordinator will assist you with finding a specialist, scheduling necessary appointments, understanding your Medicare benefits, and helping you make informed choices about your care. What's more, they will help you manage your medical history and records ensuring that all the information any doctor may need is available at a moment's notice should an emergency occur.

Taking charge of your healthcare begins with recognizing that you may need more than what traditional Medicare coverage has to offer. Choosing Humana's Gold Plus HMO and EliteHealth will help you people live a healthier, fuller, more satisfying life than you ever thought possible!

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Last Updated: October 25, 2012


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