Why cure...

When you can prevent?

At EliteHealth we believe that true healthcare is achieved through prevention, not reaction.

We take into account every measure possible for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. Some factors include environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and lifestyle choices. The dynamic process of health, disease, and disability begins before individuals realize they are affected. At EliteHealth we take each of these factors into consideration to truly deliver a preventive approach to keep you healthy. As a result, we are able to uncover conditions missed by other physicians.

The Elite Experience

The Elite Experience is a new type of medical care designed to allow you to enjoy complete comfort and control over your health. Imagine walking into your physician's office and feeling utter relaxation. We are always working to ensure that our patients receive a level of care that exceeds all expectations. We approach health care differently. Our "think different" approach was created to fix the problems of the current health care systems.

  • 24/7 Personal Healthcare Advocate
  • Industry leading Board-Certified Physicians
  • State-of-the-art prevention and screening under one roof
  • Beautiful private waiting room reception area

A groundbreaking program combining the most advanced scientific and wellness techniques to help you discover your healthiest, fittest body ever.

This fitness and nutrition program combines metabolic and genetic data to create a wellness system designed to work with your unique physiology. EliteFitForever is guaranteed to improve your health and boost longevity, in a radical package created to completely reshape Reshape the foundation of your health.


that is right for me.

EliteHealth believes that things get better with age, including the quality of your healthcare. At Elite, you’ll receive the care you deserve, with personalized services and diagnostic tools second to none. Explore how Elite can improve you medicare experience and raise the quality of your healthcare.

I was in Vancouver skiing and I was feeling under the weather. I called Dr. Schnur and I was able to describe my symptoms and within a few hours I got a prescription to make me feel better, and did not have to cut my vacation short.View Success Stories

I like it here because it's very convenient. I can come see my doctor, I can come get my lab work done, and I can have diagnostic testing, all in the same facility. As a young professional, that's very important because time is of the essence.View Success Stories

No other medical practice compares to what I've experienced at Elite. Every time I'm away and need medicine, or I'm sick, or if I need a physical for a competition, I pick up the phone and Dr. Schnur advises me where to go or sends someone here to see me. It's just phenomenal.View Success Stories

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