Communication is essential to healthcare and education for the patient is essential for quality of care.

EliteHealth has earned accreditation as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), which encourages open lines of communication between patients, Primary Care Providers (PCP), and specialists - resulting in the best available care for our patients.

Even with recent accreditation as a PCMH, the reality is that this philosophy describes what EliteHealth has always believed in. Most physician offices will never achieve this level of accreditation due to the stringent requirements and guidelines set forth to become accredited.

What’s better than one doctor?
A team of them.

EliteHealth has spent years building up a team of doctors from a variety of medical backgrounds and specialties. Through the implementation of the PCMH method, our Elite team of doctors, led by the patient’s Primary Care Physician, work synergistically to understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat patients from start to finish.

Patient records on demand.

Utilizing the latest technology, the medical team at EliteHealth compiles a thorough medical profile for each patient with detailed medical history, examination results and any relevant findings. These case files, which can be instantly accessed by your entire team of Elite physicians, bring together all of the important personal and medical data that could be useful to get a panoramic picture of your health.

Play an active role in your healthcare.

Since communication is a guiding principle of the PCMH method, patients are encouraged to be active participants in the care that they receive. Questions are welcomed and encourage, data is explained, not reported, and whenever possible, patients are invited to take on more proactive roles in their healthcare.

We’re proud to provide modernized healthcare as a distinguished PCMH.

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