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Patient Margret Moore
The other biggest benefit has been my communication with Dr. Schnur and all of the other doctors in his practice. I was in Vancouver skiing and feeling under the weather. I was able to describe to him my symptoms. He was able to get me on the phone with a doctor in Vancouver and within a couple hours get me a prescription to make me feel better on my vacation. Alexander R., Elite Concierge Patient
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I've been a concierge member at EliteHealth since 2008. The membership has proven to be invaluable as it doesn't just provide me with greater convenience but they're there to drop everything when I need them most. Jim P., Elite Concierge Patient
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I had been to 4 different doctors before I discovered EliteHealth. No one had been able to detect the cause of my severe chest pain. My EliteHealth doctor conducted a series of tests, and right away noticed an irregularity in my lungs. I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung caused by a potentially fatal and rare lung disease called LAM (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis). Only 1500 people in the world had been diagnosed with that disease. I am beyond grateful to EliteHealth for providing me with the knowledge that I needed in order to treat my LAM, and lead a full and healthy life. Maurice W., Elite Concierge Patient
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I have been a patient here at Elite Health for 5 years now. Dr Schnur is a great doctor. The amenities have been very high tech. Everything is very convenient, I can have MRI, chest x-ray, blood work done all in one facility. You don’t need to have referrals which saves me time as a young professional. The staff is very courteous. The medical professionals obviously know what they are doing and the prevention approach makes it that much more exciting and convenient being a part of EliteHealth. Terry K., EliteHealth Patient
Steven is a great friend, very caring, he literally saved me one Thanksgiving. He was going to a party and got the results to one of my tests, and told me, I want you to do this immediatley, I want you to go to Mt. Sinai Aventura and get tested, don't go any place, just go there, then I will follow up when you’re there and will have you in a bed at Mt. Sinai in Miami Beach for a blood transfusion. Medicare Advantage Elite Patient
Patient Margret Moore
Humana Members
I can save up to $5,000 a year, thats a pretty good amount of money. I can have better healthcare and better benefits. Whats more I have a personal liaison 24/7. I can pick up the phone whenever I am in need. It’s a no-brainer. You can’t beat it. I have referred many of my friends to the Medicare Advantage Elite program and have gotten nothing but outstanding feedback from them as well. Charlie M., Medicare Advantage Elite Patient

Ali Ingesol’s Experience

On August 21, 2010, I broke my neck (C6 vertebra) diving into shallow water at my family home in the Bahamas. I was immediately paralyzed from my chest down more than 300 miles away from Miami with my blood pressure hovering around 70/50 as the result of spinal shock.

EliteHealth’s rapid-fire response to my situation resulted literally in saving my life. Within an hour of receiving a single phone call from my mother, Elite’s founder, Dr. Steven Schnur, phoned us back on Cat Island with Dr. Barth Green, the renowned Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at University of Miami, on the other line. Arrangements were made to receive me at Ryder Trauma Center and Dr. Green committed immediately to heading up my surgical team.

Within hours I was transported by air ambulance to Miami, where a member of the EliteHealth team, Dr. Jacob Freiman, was on hand for my arrival at Ryder Trauma. Dr. Freiman, himself a surgeon, was unforgettably reassuring and accompanied me both to the MRI as well to the door of the operating room, where Dr. Green took charge.

In a nutshell, Elite’s response to my disaster was fast, competent and ultimately life-saving. And even that doesn’t cover caring enough for Dr. Freiman and Dr. Schnur to drive over repeatedly from their base at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach to visit me during the 18 days I spent in the Intensive Care Unit at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.”

I broke my neck diving into shallow water at my family home in the Bahamas, and was immediately paralyzed from my chest down. Within an hour, Dr. Steven Schnur had me transported by air ambulance to Miami, where a member of the EliteHealth team was on hand for my arrival at Ryder Trauma

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