VIP Medical Practice

A wellness program designed to provide VIP healthcare.

EliteHealth redefines the concept of concierge medicine. We believe that all of our members deserve the best in medical services, and our network of top physicians and dedicated health advocates work for a better patient experience.

At the upper echelon are the practices like EliteHealth, which integrate the traditional concierge model and match it with an advanced level of diagnostic care and true concierge services. EliteHealth members enjoy the benefit of having access to on-site laboratories and the best diagnostic equipment available in medicine today. This, in complement with a dedicated Health Care Advocate and the ability to network and consult online through the myEliteHealth Patient Portal sets the EliteHealth model above most other concierge practices found nationwide. VIP Medical services include the following:

  • Nationwide network of physicians
  • On-site diagnostic testing
  • House calls
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing and preventive medicine
  • Maximum 500 patient per physician ratio (as compared to 1500 in other practices)
  • VIP waiting room
  • Executive physical exams
  • Travel arrangements

Why EliteHealth?

VIP Medicine is a type of medical practice now found in many metropolitan areas across the country. Also known as concierge medicine, luxury medicine, or boutique medicine, the concept has come to represent a higher level of healthcare for those who want a more personalized relationship with their physician.

At your first EliteHealth visit, you will meet with world-renowned physicians in a relaxed office environment. Our stringent physician selection process, and low patient-to-physician ratio (500 / 1) will provide you with a uniquely positive healthcare experience. The majority of our offices offer on-site diagnostic and laboratory testing which will save you time.

Your Personal Health Care Advocate

You will be provided with a Health Care Advocate who will manage all aspects of your EliteHealth experience, from transportation and accommodations to medical evacuation when you experience a healthcare emergency while traveling out of town. Allow your Concierge Advocate to assist you with finding the best personal doctors, hospitals, and other health care institutions throughout USA, Canada and other countries; scheduling tests and appointments; finding a specialist; finding health care information; and navigating the health care system as well as your insurance plan.


At EliteHealth, our physicians are always learning about the latest innovations in healthcare - and that enables us to detect diseases at their earliest stage. You deserve to have the highest confidence in your healthcare providers, and that is only one reason why you should choose EliteHealth.

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