Ana Garcia

Nurse Practitioner, ARNP
Pembroke Pines

Ana Garcia

Ana graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 2007 from the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana, Cuba.

Being raised in a family of doctors, and her love for science and caring for people encouraged her to follow this career. The same year she relocated to the United States and decided to follow the nursing path.

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Ana completed six more years of rigorous education and training until she earned her Master of Science in Nursing from University of Cincinnati.

Ana’s career focus is the care of the adult population, especially the elderly, she has been caring for this population for more than a decade first as a Registered Nurse in the acute setting and now as a Nurse Practitioner.

She has always worked in the acute setting which brought her to the realization of the importance of preventive medicine making her the perfect fit for EliteHealth where prevention is paramount.