Lucy Caicedo

Family Nurse Practitioner
North Bay Village

About Lucy Caicedo

Lucy graduated from Florida International University and specializes in chronic diseases like COPD, hypertension and diabetes. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner for the last 3 years with the American Care Medical Center. She has been in the nursing profession for 8 years.

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Prior to her role as Family Nurse Practitioner she worked as a Registered Nurse in Baptist Hospital in the Neurology unit and University of Miami in the Orthopedics unit. She credits her recent workplace for the opportunity to work with  her “viejitos” (seniors) in the area of Geriatrics.

Lucy’s first degree was in Economics, but her passion for healthcare motivated her to switch paths. She is now fully focused in healthcare.

She was born and raised in Colombia and is fully fluent in English and Spanish. but very proud to be in the US and provided with endless possibilities for her dreams to come true.  She enjoys fitness, dancing, traveling and hanging out with friends from all over the world.